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09.02.17  Thrilled to be part of an amazing team and a $3 million NSF grant to study pervasive data ethics for computational research!

08.15.17  I wrote a piece analyzing a recent court case on data scraping, as it relates to social computing research and terms of service.

07.12.17  I gave a talk at the DUB seminar at University of Washington: “Internet Rules: Law, Norms, and Ethics for Online Content Creation”

07.05.17  The CU Department of Information Science is featured in an issue of Interactions!

06.07.17  I blogged! “Does POTUS have to listen to you anymore than I do? Twitter blocks, free speech, and the right to be heard.”

05.07.17 I was a panelist on a number of panels at CHI 2017: policy impacts on our community, online content moderation, and SIGCHI research ethics.

04.02.17 I wrote a piece for Slate on data privacy,, and how bad ethics are good business: Companies don’t really want you to read their Terms of Service.

03.15.17 TEDxCU talk: How the Internet and Copyright Fuel Creativity (now available online!)

03.08.17 I’m the keynote speaker at the InfoSocial conference at Northwestern! My talk is titled “Internet Rules! What Makes the Internet Great and How Regulation Helps Keep it That Way.”

03.06.17 I’m doing a talk for the Computer Science department at University of Illinois-Chicago: “Regulation Beyond Code: How Rules Mediate Our Interactions with Technology and with Each Other”

03.09.17 I am a discussant for a session on civil rights and artificial intelligence for the Silicon Flatirons conference on The Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence.

02.25.17 I am doing many things at CSCW 2017! I am a co-organizer of a workshop on privacy and ethics, participating in a workshop about online comments, presenting two papers, and participating in a panel as part of the SIGCHI ethics committee.

02.24.17  I have written up some preliminary results of a survey conducted through the OTW legal committee, about copyright and fanworks.

02.11.17  I am organizing a panel and a SIG for CHI 2017 related to the current policy climate and its impact on our research community.

02.01.17 I wrote an article for Slate about my early experiences with online communities: What I Learned about the Internet from The Babysitters Club.

01.28.16 I’ll be doing a talk at TEDxCU in April!

01.17.16 Spring semester beginning at CU! I am teaching a PhD level course on information science theory and concepts.

10.17.16 I’m on a panel about Gamergate with other CMCI faculty as part of a Media Studies series, talking about online harassment.

09.10.16  I’ll be speaking on two panels this week hosted by CMCI: The American Divide: Clinton vs. Trump on Sept. 14 and Art + Ownership on Sept. 16 at Impact Hub Boulder.

09.07.16  Thrilled that I’ll be presenting two papers at CSCW2017: “What (or Who) Is Public? Privacy Settings and Social Media Content Sharing” and “Growing Their Own: Legitimate Peripheral Participation for Computational Learning in an Online Fandom Community” coming soon!

08.22.16  In Fall 2016 I am teaching a course on information ethics and policy open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

08.17.16  I was interviewed on Denver radio station KGNU about gender politics in the Olympics and the role of social media.

07.15.16   I will be organizing another social computing research ethics workshop, this time at ACM GROUP. Submissions due August 12!

06.15.16   I wrote for Slate about Game Developer Barbie and the importance of representation in computing, and was also interviewed by Mashable and appeared on Tech News Today!

05.27.16  Organized a successful workshop at ICWSM on social media research ethics – thanks to a great group of participants!

05.10.16  I presented my work on Archive of Our Own as a case study of feminist HCI at CHI 2016 [paper] [slides].

03.03.16  I am speaking at the Silicon Flatirons Content Conference on Innovation and Incentives in the Creative Arts at the University of Colorado Law School.

03.02.16  I presented my work on copyright Terms of Service for user-generated content sites at CSCW 2016 [paper] [slides].

02.09.16   Thrilled that my paper “An Archive of Their Own: A Case Study of Feminist HCI and Values in Design” (blogged here!) received a Best Paper Honorable Mention for CHI 2016!

01.27.16    I was interviewed by the neat podcast “Fansplaining” about death and online fandom communities.

01.15.16    I’ll be organizing a workshop about social media research ethics for ICWSM 2016. The deadline for submissions is February 27!

12.14.15     My paper on social norms in design, feminist HCI, and fan fiction was accepted to CHI 2016 – see you in San Jose!

11.13.15     I wrote a piece for Slate about governance (TOS and social norms) on Yik Yak: How Missouri Could Demonstrate What’s Wonderful About Yik Yak

10.19.15    Two talks this week: “The Power of Open: How Copyright Can Inspire Creativity” for Open Access Week at the CU library, and “Imagined Policies: Intellectual Property and Social Norms in Fan Communities” at the Association of Internet Researchers conference.

07.17.15     I began my faculty position at CU! To keep up with the development of our brand new Information Science department, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

07.17.15     Paper accepted to CSCW 2016 – see you in San Francisco!

06.15.15     I successfully defended my dissertation! A special thanks to my advisor Amy Bruckman, as well as committee members Annie Antón, Eric Gilbert, Cliff Lampe, and Rebecca Tushnet. (You can read it here!)

06.02.15    Thrilled to announce that I will be one of the founding faculty members of the new Department of Information Science at the University of Colorado Boulder! I will be starting as an Assistant Professor at CU in August.

03.13.15    Organized the research ethics workshop and presented my paper [slides] at CSCW 2015 in Vancouver.

01.14.15    “Understanding Copyright Law in Online Creative Communities” has been chosen as a Best Paper for CSCW 2015! And a paper co-authored with my labmate Joe Gonzales, “Towards an Appropriable CSCW Tool Ecology: Lessons from the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen,” received an Honorable Mention.

11.21.14    I did interviews for Huffington Post Live and All Things Considered, and wrote for Slate about my Barbie remix.

11.19.14    I created Barbie, Remixed to address representation of women in computer science. A lot of people liked it.

11.10.14    Attended GROUP 2014 and presented a poster with preliminary findings about social Q&A for copyright questions.

11.05.14    My team won first place for community impact in the Convergence Innovation Competition.

10.29.14   My CSCW 2015 paper is available to read.

10.08.14   Our workshop on ethics for studying sociotechnical systems and big data will be part of CSCW 2015.

8.27.14     Paper accepted for CSCW 2015 – see you in Vancouver!

7.21.14      Named a 2014 Foley Scholar award finalist.

7.07.14     Attended the CSST Summer Institute at the University of Missouri.

4.28.14     My TOS research from CHI 2014 was featured in The New York Times.

4.26.14     Attended CHI 2014 in Toronto.

2.16.14     Attended CSCW 2014 in Baltimore, participating in the Doctoral Colloquium (on my birthday!) and presenting my paper on fair use in remix communities.


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