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10.26.22  I gave a keynote  (“AI Ethics for All: A Broader Perspective on AI Education”) at the Rome Call for AI Ethics Global University Summit held at University of Notre Dame.

10.22.22  I wrote an op-ed for NBC News THINK about Taylor Swift fandom on TikTok.

10.20.22  I gave the inaugural talk in University of Colorado Law School’s Silicon Flatirons AI ethics speaker series: “Innovating Like an Optimist, Preparing Like a Pessimist: Ethical Debt and the Problem of Unintended Consequences in AI.”

10.17.22  I gave the keynote address (“Data Is People: Research Ethics Beyond the Human Subject”) for the BELIV infovis methods workshop at the VIS 2023 conference.

08.27.22. I wrote a essay for Slate, “The Plight of the Former Fanfiction Writer,” as a response to Julian Jarboe’s science fiction short story.

08.14.22  This academic year I am the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in my department.

08.14.22  Two of my advisees graduated this summer: Brianna Dym, PhD, and Natalie Garrett, MS. Brianna is now a lecturer in Computer and Information Science at University of Maine! And the Internet Rules Lab also welcomes two new PhD students this AY, Blakeley Hoffmann Payne and Faye Kollig, along with new MS students Johnny Sreenan and Michelle Tran.

07.20.22 I participated in the CRA Snowbird annual conference as part of a panel on ethics education.

07.01.22 I was promoted with tenure at CU Boulder and am officially an Associate Professor!

06.27.22 I was named one of 30 higher education influencers to follow by EdTech Magazine.

06.21.22 I gave an invited lightning talk at the FAccT 2022 session Emerging Problems: New Challenges in FaccT from Research to Practice to Policy.”

06.20.22 I lectured on ethics for computational social science at the 2022 Summer Institute on Computational Social Science at Duke University

06.21.22 I gave an invited lightning talk at the FAccT 2022 session Emerging Problems: New Challenges in FaccT from Research to Practice to Policy.”

06.20.22 I lectured on ethics for computational social science at the 2022 Summer Institute on Computational Social Science at Duke University.

06.17.22 I spoke to Buzzfeed about information literacy and educational content on TikTok.

05.19.22 I gave the closing keynote address for the FanLIS conference.

05.11.22 I gave an invited talk at the DIMACS workshop on computer science and law, on the topic of copyright and algorithmic content moderation.

05.04.22 I spoke to WIRED about the potential impact of the EU digital services act on TikTok.

04.30.22 I attended the CHI conference and participated as a doctoral consortium mentor, in addition to running a special interest group discussion research ethics in HCI. Also our PERVADE research group had an exhibit booth and had great discussions with folks about data ethics!

03.11.22 My university alumni magazine, The Coloradan, published a piece about my TikTok and my tech ethics research: TikTok Ethics: Is Social Tech Such a Threat?

03.10.22 I was a panelist for the Future of Privacy Forum’s data privacy book club discussion of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash.

03.04.22 Our SIGCSE 2022 paper “‘Run a little wild with your imagination: Ethical speculation in computing education with Black Mirror” (led by Shamika Klassen) was published, and I also wrote a blog post about what we learned from experiences with the Black Mirror Writers Room teaching exercise.

02.28.22 I participated in the book launch event for Human-Centered Data Science: An Introduction (MIT Press), for which I contributed an essay on data scraping and terms of service!

01.26.22 I wrote an op ed for NBC THINK: What TikTok’s ‘West Elm Caleb’ says about dating, social media — and us

01.23.22 I was quoted in Business Insider on the topic of bias in facial recognition for gender.

12.18.21 I was quoted in The Washington Post about school threats circulating on TikTok.

12.10.21 I was on a plenary panel for NeurIPS 2021: “How should a machine learning research think about AI ethics?”  Fortune also quoted me in an article recapping highlights of the conference.

12.08.21 I have a talk for the NYU Center for Data Science titled “Data Is People: Unintended Consequences in AI & Data Science.” I also tweeted this talk!

12.01.21 An essay I wrote about AI ethics and science fiction appeared in StoryThings

10.27.21 CU Boulder Today did a nice write-up of our research about Black Twitter led by PhD student Shamika Klassen, and it was subsequently covered by The Root, Boulder Weekly, The Denver Post, and Shamika was interviewed on MSNBC and 9 News.

10.23.21 The ACM CSCW conference was 10/23-10/27, and there were a number of papers from our department published in Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, including including my cco-authored papers: “A Framework of Severity for Harmful Content Online” (led by Morgan Klaus Scheuerman), “Supporting Serendipity: Opportunities and Challenges for Human-AI Collaboration in Qualitative Analysis” (led by Aaron Jiang), and “More than a Modern Day Green Book: Exploring the Online Community of Black Twitter” (led by Shamika Klassen) , which was awarded an Honorable Mention and a Recognition for Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion. I also chaired the SIGCHI Research Ethics panel at the conference.

10.20.21 I wrote a blog post about the return of Yik Yak and how it relates to social media’s current ethical challenges.

10.09.21 I spoke to Insider about a piece of viral content on TikTok.

10.04.21 I was on local news (FOX 31) talking about implications of the Facebook outage.

09.21.21 I was featured in a piece for O’Reilly Radar about social media ethics.

09.16.21 There is a profile of me in the Responsible Tech Guide created by All Tech is Human.

09.15.21 My collaborators and I from the PERVADE research ethics project, led by Katie Shilton, have a new paper out in Big Data & Society: Excavating awareness and power in data science: A manifesto for trustworthy pervasive data research.

09.01.21 I was featured in this Nature piece: “What makes us tick: lab leaders describe their research philosophies

08.27.21 Out now in PLOS One, “Understanding international perceptions of the severity of harmful content online” led by former PhD student Aaron Jiang.

08.12.21 We have a pre-print available for a new paper accepted to Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction as part of the CSCW 2021 conference: A Framework of Severity for Harmful Content Online by Morgan Klaus Scheuerman, Jialun Aaron Jiang, Casey Fiesler, and Jed Brubaker.

08.11.21 I was  quoted in an article in The Denver Post about online vigilantism.

08.05.21 I was on a panel about ethical and legal issues surrounding data scraping for the AEJMC journalism education conference.

07.15.21 I was quoted in an article in Rolling Stone about conspiracy theories on TikTok.

07.14.21 I spoke to MIT Technology Review about automated content moderation on TikTok.

07.01.21 I the new chair of the ACM SIGCHI Research Ethics Committee!

06.05.21 I gave the opening keynote for the Rocky  Mountain Computer Science Conference for P-12 Educators.

05.31.21 I spoke to the Denver Post about proposed privacy  laws in Colorado: “Companies collect and share your online data. Colorado wants to become one of the only states to give consumers more say.

05.28.21  My collaborators and I have  a new paper out in the journal Social Media + Society titled Studying Reddit: A Systematic Overview of Disciplines, Approaches, Methods, and Ethics

05.25.21 My PhD advisee Brianna Dym and I both gave lightning talks at the Conference on Research in Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology (RESPECT) on broadening participation through fan-created video games, and ethical speculation in CS education.

05.20.21 I was quoted in a Washington Post article about Twitter research on algorithmic bias.

05.17.21 I gave a keynote talk at the NSF-funded Seamless/Seamful Human-Technology Interaction workshop titled “Ethical Speculation at the Seams.”

05.08.21 At CHI 2021 (held virtually), I was one of the organizers of a workshop on co-designing resources for ethics education in HCI, and PhD student Kandrea Wade presented our late-breaking work:  “Protest Privacy Recommendations: An Analysis of Digital Surveillance Circumvention Advice During Black Lives Mater Protests

04.28.21 New NSF grant kicking off this summer (with co-PIs Robin Burke and Eric Wustrow) on integrating cybersecurity concepts into AI education.

04.23.21 I’m a guest of honor at the science fiction and open source convention Penguicon! I’m doing sessions  related to science fiction and ethics, and fanfiction and copyright.

04.15.21 I gave a talk titled “Ethical Speculation in Computing Education, Research, and Practice” for the HCI and Future of Work and Wellbeing series at Wellesley University.

04.09.21 I received an NSF CAREER award for my work on Scaffolding Ethical Speculation in Technology  Design.  My college wrote up  a nice piece about this work: Intervention! How Ethical Speculation Could Prevent Future Tech Trouble

04.09.21 I spoke on a panel titled “On the Ethics of AI: What does it mean to uncover our blindspots?” at Princeton University’s Envision Conference.

04.08.21 I spoke on a panel for UCLA law school’s IP Law Students Association on Copyright and Fair Use in Online Spaces.

03.16.21 I was quoted in an Elle article about the online community around Peloton.

03.19.21 Two papers out of my lab were presented at SIGCSE 2021;  I published a blog post about them collectively (“What ‘counts’ as computer science?“) and posted a video essay about ethics in computer science education.

03.19.21 My work on social media research ethics was mentioned in a Protocol article: “Platforms vs. PhDs: How tech giants court and crush the people who study them

03.12.21 I participated in a MozFest 2021 panel: “So You Want to be a Tech Ethicist? No Scrubs Edition.”

03.05.21 I led a tutorial on teaching data ethics for the ACM FAccT conference.

03.03.21 I gave a talk for Eastern Connecticut State University’s “university hour” series “Growing Their Own: Lessons from Community-Driven, Feminist Technology Design

02.26.21 I was part of a virtual town hall hosted by  EFF about copyright for internet content creators.

02.25.21 I spoke on a panel for the ACM HotMobile 2021 conference: “Ethics and Policy of AI Technologies in/for Mobile and IoT Systems.”

02.17.21 I spoke to the Boulder Business Women’s Leadership Group about social media ethics.

02.10.21 I moderated a panel about ethics and law at Silicon Flatirons’ conference on trust and trusthworthiness in the tech industry.

02.07.21 A new paper, led by recent PhD graduate Aaron Jiang, will be published in Proceedings of the ACM: Human-Computer Interaction as part of CSCW 2021: “Supporting Serendipity: Opportunities and Challenges for Human-AI Collaboration in Qualitative Analysis

02.05.21 I have a new paper published in the Colorado Technology Law Journal: Innovating Like an Optimist, Preparing Like a Pessimist: Ethical Speculation and the Legal Imagination.

02.04.21 I spoke to CNN about facial recognition: “New tool can tell you if your online photos are helping train facial recognition systems

01.20.21 I’m joining the Center for Democracy and Technology as a Non-Resident Fellow.

01.15.21  ACM-W North America profiled my social media outreach in an interview.

01.14.21 There is a profile of my work on tech ethics and law in Forbes: “Why Ethics Matter For Social Media, Silicon Valley And Every Tech Industry Leader.”

01.08.21 In the wake of Twitter and other social media platforms suspending Donald Trump’s accounts, I did several local news interviews: KOAA, KKTV 11, FOX 31, and FOX 31 (again),

12.17.20 I spoke to Scientific American about the ethical implications of automated analysis of facial expressions.

01.16.20 I wrote a blog post with suggestions for children’s books to get kids and teens excited about coding!

12.15.20 I was on a panel about the DMCA and free expression online hosted by Public Knowledge, featuring EFF’s legal director and video essayist Lindsay Ellis.

12.09.20 I gave a keynote at the ACM Compute-2020 conference (remotely) in India, titled “Ethics Integration in Computing Education.”

12.08.20 It takes a lot for me to consider social media content to be “news” but I lip-synced and recommended some books and it went kind of viral.

12.08.20 I spoke on a panel about AI ethics education for the Queer in AI workshop at NeurIPS2020.

12.01.20  Two new papers available out of my lab, to be published and presented at the SIGCSE 2021 computer science education conference: “Integrating Ethics into Introductory Programming Classes” and “‘You don’t do your hobby as a job’: Stereotypes of Computational Labor and their Implications for CS Education” (led by PhD student Brianna Dym)

11.30.20  I gave an invited talk for the Computer Science Department at University of Minnesota: “Doing Computer Science: The Case fo Ethics Integration in Computing Education.”

11.09.20 I gave an invited talk about data science ethics at the Complex Systems Center at University of Vermont.

10.30.20  My very first PhD advisee, Aaron Jiang, successfully defended his dissertation, “Toward a Multi-stakeholder Perspective for Improving Online Content”!  Aaron will be starting a job as a researcher at Facebook in January.

10.28.20  I created a video essay about Lindsay Ellis, a bonkers copyright lawsuit, and how fair use works on YouTube:  “Fair Use in the Omegaverse.”

10.18.20  CSCW 2020 happened virtually, but the show must go on!  I co-organized a workshop on public scholarship, served as Awards Chair, moderated the Lasting Impact session, and also had the following publications: “Social Norm Vulnerability and its Consequences for Privacy and Safety in an Online Community“, “Moving Across Lands: Online Platform Migration in Fandom Communities” (both w/ PhD student Brianna Dym), and “Characterizing Community Guidelines on Social Media Platforms” (led by PhD candidate Aaron Jiang).

10.12.20  I have taken on the role of Adjunct Chair for Community Engagement as part of the SIGCHI Executive Committee.

10.09.20  I gave an invited talk about data science ethics and education at the University of Lisbon (remotely) in Portugal.

09.25.20  I published a video essay about research conducted with PhD student Brianna Dym, on the topic of platform migration in fandom: “The Life and Death of Fandom Platforms.”

09.17.20  I wrote for Slate about American Girl’s new 80s coder doll, in the context of the history of women in computing.

09.16.20  PhD student Natalie Garrett and I co-authored an op-ed for WIRED: “Ethical Tech Starts with Addressing Ethical Debt.

09.08.20 I gave a talk for the University of British Columbia Designing for People seminar series.

09.02.20 I recently started a YouTube channel, largely focused on academic advice, but will also be making some research-based video essays, like this one about zoombombing and ethical debt.

08.28.20 I gave the opening keynote at the CU Denver Data Science Symposium.

08.25.20 I was quoted in a Washington Post article about the current challenges of volunteer content moderation.

08.10.20  I’ve agreed to be general co-chair for CSCW 2023, which will be held in October 2023 in Minneapolis, MN!

08.05.20  Two papers with PhD student Brianna Dym will be published in Proceedings of the ACM and presented at CSCW 2020: “Moving Across Lands: Online Platform Migration in Fandom Communities” and “Social Norm Vulnerability and its Consequences for Privacy and Safety in an Online Community.”

07.23.20  I spoke to Vice about the fair use implications of an AI-created parody that received a copyright takendown.

06.30.20 With collaborator Corian Zacher, I wrote a piece for Authors Alliance about the recent DMCA 512 Copyright Office report, and our ongoing research around DMCA impacts on fan creators.

06.24.20 I was quoted (and my research with Brianna Dym cited) in Teen Vogue article about political activism in fandom.

06.22.20 I was quoted in a OneZero article (with coverage of our CSCW 2019 Discord paper) about content moderation and voice tweets.

06.08.22 ICWSM 2020 was virtual, but I presented our paper “No Robots, Spiders, or Scrapers: Legal and Ethical Regulation of Data Collection Methods in Social Media Terms of Service” [blog post] and also co-organized a workshop on social media research ethics.

04.27.20 I was quoted in PC Mag article about content licensing on Twitter.

04.26.20 Though CHI 2020 was canceled, my paper “Lawful Users: Copyright Circumvention and Legal Constraints on Technology Use” has been published! In addition to this paper, my students and I also had position papers in multiple workshops, some of which are still happening virtually. These position papers include: “Exploring Racial Diversity and Researcher Positionality in Ethical HCI Research”
(Shamika Goddard, Workshop on Engaging Race in HCI), “Exploring User Opinions of Fairness in Recommender Systems” (Jess Smith, Nasim Sonboli, Robin Burke, Workshop on Human-Centered Approaches to Fair and Responsible AI), “Avoiding Ethical Debt in UX Design” (Natalie Garrett, Workshop on Creating an Ethical Framework for UX Designers), and “Being “Public” While Vulnerable: Recommendations for Platforms and Researchers “)Workshop on Privacy and Power: Acknowledging the Importance of Privacy Research and Design for Vulnerable Populations)

04.24.20 I was mentioned in a Daily Dot article about Zoom security.

04.03.20 Our paper about research ethics and TOS “No Robots, Spiders, or Scrapers: Legal and Ethical Regulation of Data Collection Methods in Social Media Terms of Service” (with Nathan Beard and Brian Keegan) has been accepted to ICWSM 2020, and I’ve posted a blog post summary of the paper: “Spiders and crawlers and scrapers, oh my! The law and ethics of researchers violating terms of service.”

03.10.20 Though SIGCSE 2020 was canceled, our full paper “What Do We Teach When We Teach Tech Ethics? A Syllabi Analysis” (with Natalie Garrett and Nathan Beard) has been published, along with two posters– “Ethics from the Start: Exploring Student Attitudes and Creating Interventions in Intro Programming Classes” (with Natalie Garrett and Mikhaila Friske) and “Broadening Participation in Computing through Transforming Media and Technologies” (with Brianna Dym)– and a special session I was part of, “Assignments that Blend Ethics and Technology.”

02.25.20 The Coloradan published an article “Fanfiction Rising” about my fanfiction related research with PhD student Brianna Dym.

02.08.20 I was on a keynote panel “A Conversation about the Future” at the Silicon Flatirons conference on technology optimism and pessimism.

02.07.20 Natalie Garrett presented our paper “More than ‘If Time Allows’: The Role of Ethics in AI Education” at AIES 2020.

01.17.20  I published a blog post about our ethics education research: What do we teach when we teach tech and AI ethics?

01.13.20 This semester I officially became the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies for Information Science.

01.09.20 Really excited to have been announced as one of the general co-chairs of GROUP 2022!

01.05.20 At GROUP 2020, I served as a workshops co-chair, and also presented the paper “Creativity, Copyright, and Close-Knit Communities: A Case Study of Social Norm Formation and Enforcement” [slides] and design fiction “Ethical Considerations for Research Involving (Speculative) Public Data“, both published in Proceedings of the ACM. PhD student Brianna Dym presented our poster “When Social Norms Fail” and participated in the doctoral consortium.

12.13.19  My paper “Lawful Users: Copyright Circumvention and Legal Constraints on Technology Use” has been accepted for publication at CHI 2020.

12.05.19 My first PhD student Aaron Jiang (co-advised with Jed Brubaker) successfully proposed his dissertation!

12.04.19 Our paper “More than ‘If Time Allows’: The Role of Ethics in AI Education” (led by PhD student Natalie Garrett, with co-author Nate Beard at University of Maryland) has been accepted for publication at AIES 2020.

12.03.19 I am co-organizing a workshop at CHI 2020: “The Past, Present, and Future of Design Fiction.”

12.01.19 I was quoted in Business Insider article about ethical stances taken by tech workers and in open source communities.

11.10.19  I am part of the organizing committee for CSCW 2020, serving as Awards Chair.

11.09.19  At CSCW 2019 in Austin, TX, I co-organized a workshop on qualitative methods and was a mentor for the doctoral consortium. Brianna Dym and Aaron Jiang both presented papers now published in PACM-HCI: “Moderation Challenges in Voice-based Online Communities On Discord” [blog post] and  “‘Coming out okay’: Community narratives for LGBTQ identity recovery work” [blog post]. This was also officially the end of my 2.5 year tenure as CSCW Communications Co-Chair; I am particularly proud of having started the CSCW Medium Publication!

11.08.19  The Stanford Daily wrote about the talk I recently gave there, focusing on ethics education.

10.27.19 As part of the Responsible Computer Science Challenge, I gave a teaching talk at University City London, and ran a “Black Mirror Writers’ Room” session at MozFest.

10.21.19 I participated in a working group and on a plenary panel at the CSforALL Summit, on the topic of ethics education in K-12 computer science.

10.18.19 I gave a talk for the HCI seminar series at Stanford, titled “Three Lessons for Ethical Tech: Research Ethics, Ethics Education, and Broadening Participation in Computing.”

10.04.19 Our paper “What Do We Teach When We Teach Tech Ethics? A Syllabi Analysis” (with PhD student Natalie Garrett and Nate Beard at University of Maryland) has been accepted for publication at SIGCSE 2020.

09.27.19 New paper (with Blake Hallinan and Jed Brubaker) is out in New Media & Society: “Unexpected Expectations: Public Reactions to the Facebook Emotional Contagion Study” [OA link]

09.26.19 I spoke at the Macmillan STEM Summit on strategies for integrating ethics into computer science curriculum.

09.25.19 I spoke at the Graduate School for Social Work at University of Denver, about ethical considerations in harnessing technology for social good.

09.05.19 I’m quoted in a TechCrunch article on teaching ethics in computer science the right way.

08.26.19 I’m quoted in a Wired article about teaching ethics with science fiction.

08.23.19 Three new PhD students and three undergrad RAs have joined my research group this fall!

07.28.19 My research group has had two papers accepted to CSCW 2019: “Moderation Challenges in Voice-based Online Communities On Discord” (led by Aaron Jiang, with Charles Kiene, Skylar Middler, and Jed Brubaker) and “‘Coming out okay’: Community narratives for LGBTQ identity recovery work” (led by Brianna Dym, with Jed Brubaker and Bryan Semaan).

07.24.19 I am co-organizing a workshop for CSCW 2019 (with Jed Brubaker, Andrea Forte, Shion Guha, Nora McDonald, and Michael Muller) on qualitative research methods.

07.22.19 I’ve received new research funding from the National Science Foundation, to study computational projects in fandom as a path towards broadening participation in computing.

07.18.19 I gave a talk at Facebook titled “Community-Created Rules and Ecosystems of Governance.”

07.17.19 I gave a talk at Mozilla for their “Emerging Technologies” series, titled “Growing Their Own: Lessons from the Community-Driven Development of Archive of Our Own”

06.27.19 I was quoted in an article in The Atlantic, about the ethics of data collection for creating facial recognition systems.

06.10.19  I’m organizing an online book club for fiction (mostly scifi) related to the social and ethical implications of technology.

06.03.19 I was quoted in an article for Slate, about the use of public YouTube videos in research.

05.29.19 I gave an invited talk for the data science seminar series at the eScience institute at University of Washington, about ethical implications for data collection and use.

05.27.19 PhD student Natalie Garrett presented our work “What do we talk about when we talk about tech ethics?” at the Computer Ethics–Philosophical Enquiry (CEPE) conference in Virginia.

05.03.19 I attended the CHI conference in Glasgow, and co-organized the CHI4Evil workshop on creative speculation about the negative consequences of technology; sat on a panel with the SIGCHI ethics committee, and co-organized a course on Legal Issues in HCI.

04.30.19 CU Boulder (with myself as PI) has been awarded a grant from the Responsible CS Challenge (from Mozilla, Omidyar, Schmidt Futures, and Craig Newmark Philanthropies) to integrate ethics into computing classes.

04.09.19  I wrote a piece for Slate about the fanfiction archive built by women: Why Archive of Our Own’s Hugo Nomination is Such a Big Deal

03.19.19 I wrote a piece for How We Get to Next on research ethics for social media: Scientists like me are studying your tweets–are you ok with that?

03.07.19 I was part of a roundtable for the Silicon Flatirons content conference: It’s a Barbie World: Intellectual Property, Rights of Publicity, and the Gender Wars.

02.27.19 I spoke at UT Dallas as part of the Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology lecture series on “the promise and peril of artificial intelligence” on the topic of machine learning and ethical data collection.

02.21.19 I was quoted in an article for The Nation, about technology ethics education at universities.

02.12.19 I was quoted in a Wired article about redditors who take over hateful subreddits using methods stolen from trolls.

01.21.19 I appeared on DENVER7 news to talk about clearing your past (or not) on social media.

01.21.19 I was quoted in a Wired article about the networks of women job seekers.

01.14.19 My essay “Everything I needed to know: Empirical investigations of copyright norms in fandom” was published in IDEA: The Law Review of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property.

01.08.19 I was featured in an episode of the podcast Fansplaining.

12.19.18  I was interviewed by several local news stations about the latest Facebook privacy controversy, and appeared on ABC7, ABC13, FOX31, and FOX8 in Denver.

12.17.18  Happy holidays! I posted my annual list of the favorite novels I read this year.

12.07.18 I was on a panel at the future of speech event hosted by the Center for Democracy & Technology.

12.05.18 I published a piece in How We Get to Next: What our Tech Ethics Crisis Says About the State of Computer Science Education

12.05.18  PhD student Brianna Dym and I co-authored an op-ed for Slate: Fandom’s Fate is Not Tied to Tumblr’s

12.04.18  I was quoted in articles on CNN, the Washington PostWired, Wired UK, and The Verge about Tumblr’s ban on adult content, and my research got a shout-out in the LA Times.

12.03.18  I spoke on a panel at a Silicon Flatirons conference on “the legal pitfalls of ethical hacking.”

11.27.18  I gave a talk for the ATLAS seminar series titled “Boldly Going Where Few HCI Researchers Have Gone Before: Design, Learning, Social Computing, and Ethics in Online Fandom”

11.19.18  My piece about teaching technology ethics with science fiction was featured on Boing Boing!

11.16.18  I visited Carnegie Mellon University and gave a talk titled “Can I Use That?! Ethics, Law, and Norms for Other People’s Data” for the Human-Computer Interaction seminar series.

11.08.18  We had a PI meeting for PERVADE, held at Data & Society in NYC!

11.03.18  At CSCW 2018 (in addition to being in charge of communications, so doing most of the official tweeting!), I participated in a workshop on researching stigmatized populations, and on panels about online fandom research and research ethics. Awesome students also presented work that I co-authored: “The Perfect One”: Understanding Communication Practices and Challenges with Animated GIFs“Control your emotions, Potter: ” An Analysis of Grief Policing on Facebook in Response to Celebrity Death, and  Vulnerable and Online: Fandom’s Case for Stronger Privacy Norms and Tools.

10.15.18 I published a piece (reprinted in How We Get To Next) about teaching technology ethics with creative speculation and science fiction.

10.15.18 I attended an invited workshop held at Harvard on the topic of computer science ethics education.

10.12.18 I presented work at AoIR in the “games and fandom” session about fandom community migration, and helped organize a fishbowl conversation about teaching ethics.

09.29.18  PhD student Brianna Dym is presenting work at Queer Games Con today, including our paper upcoming in Game Studies: “‘theyre all trans sharon’: Authoring Gender in Video Game Fan Fiction.”

09.24.18 I wrote some advice for academic job hunting!

09.23.13 Recently graduated ATLAS MS student Nate Beard presented some of our work about Terms of Service at the Internet, Policy, and Politics conference at the Oxford Internet Institute: “21st Century Digital Democracy Needs a New Contract”

09.15.18  I have two essays in the recent “future of fandom” special issue of Transformative Works and Cultures: (1) a design fiction about the past and future of fandom platforms; and (2) a piece lead-authored by PhD student Brianna Dym about privacy norms and generational differences in fandom

09.04.18 I attended the kick-off of the 18/19 AY for the Berkman Klein Center, which I’m really excited to be a part of!

08.29.18 In writing about online interactions following the death of John McCain, The Washington Post covered research I co-authored with Katie Gach and Jed Brubaker about grief policing on social media.

08.28.18 I updated and combined my previous blog posts about ACM copyright licenses: “ACM Copyright Licenses: Which should you choose, and how do you handle third-party material?

08.28.18 I wrote a blog post for CSforALL about Barbie’s journey through computing: “Tech Barbie’s Backstory: How she went from “math is hard” to robotics engineer

08.27.18 It’s a new semester, and I’m teaching a brand new research-based class on the topic of online fandom!

08.25.18  I will be speaking on two panels at CSCW 2018: one about research ethics (with other members of the SIGCHI ethics committee) and another titled “Online Fandom: Boldly Going Where Few CSCW Researchers Have Gone Before,” with my PhD student Brianna Dym moderating.

08.10.18 “‘The Perfect One’: Understanding Communication Practices and Challenges with Animated GIFs,” a paper led by my PhD student Aaron Jiang, along with his co-advisor Jed Brubaker, will be published in and presented at CSCW 2018. Aaron has a second first-authored paper at CSCW as well!

08.17.18 Super excited about a new project that is funded by the National Science Foundation! I’ll be working with three other faculty members in our department to develop computational tools to help scale inductive, qualitative methods.

07.30.18 I did a bit of a press tour in talking about the evolution of Barbie in STEM careers! You can see me on several different news broadcasts, and also listen to me on Colorado Public Radio!

07.25.18  I’m quoted in a Wired article about the ethics of Dropbox providing data to researchers.

07.22.18  The Daily Camera interviewed me, and has a really nice write-up of my history and consulting work with STEM Barbies.

07.20.18  I’m super excited that I’ll be a faculty associate with Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society for 2018/2019!

07.10.18 I think a lot about things like imposter syndrome and how to help myself and others (especially junior researchers!) feel better about themselves and their work – so I wrote some Mister Rogers fanfiction that doubles as advice for PhD students.

07.05.18 The spreadsheet of tech ethics curricula I made back in November has exploded, so I blogged some context and background about it – it’s continuing to grow!

06.29.18 We had a PI meeting for PERVADE preceding the Sociotech Future Symposium at University of Michigan where I gave a short talk on ecosystems of governance and reconnected with an amazing scholarly community.

06.26.18 Last year I did some consulting work with Mattel on a computational thinking book, which was released along with Robotics Engineer Barbie. The book is called Code Camp with Barbie and Friends, and I wrote the forward to it.

06.25.18 At ICWSM this year in Stanford, I organized a research ethics workshop and presented a (non-archival) poster about TOS for data scraping. My PhD student Aaron Jiang presented our paper about governance on Reddit.

06.05.18 I gave the opening keynote for the Open Repositories conference at Montana State University. My talk was about AO3, titled “Growing Their Own: Building an Archive and a Community for Fanfiction” [slides].

04.20.18 I am attending CHI 2018 in Montreal! On Saturday, I am attending a workshop on “Understanding Bad Actors” with my position paper “The Empowered Dot: Towards Community Governance.” On Monday, I am presenting my paper with Blake Hallinan “‘We Are the Product’: Public Reactions to Data Sharing and Privacy Controversies in the Media.” On Tuesday, I am on two panels, “Research Ethics in HCI: A Roundtable Discussion” and “Managing Deviant Behavior in Online Communities.” On Wednesday, Mike Skirpan presents our paper “What’s At Stake: Characterizing Risk Perceptions of Emerging Technologies.”

04.06.18 I am attending the IP Redux Conference at UNH School of Law, talking about my fan fiction law review article, ten years later.

03.29.18 Slate interviewed me about our current fandom migration research: Why Did Fans Flee Livejournal, and Where Will They Go After Tumblr?

03.22.18 Our paper “Reddit Rules! Characterizing an Ecosystem of Governance” (co-authored with PhD student Aaron Jiang, undergraduates Josh McCann and Kyle Frye, and Jed Brubaker) has been accepted to the International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM) 2018.

03.18.18 In response to the Cambridge Analytica data ethics scandal, Jacob Metcalf and I wrote a piece for Slate: “One Way Facebook Can Stop the Next Cambridge Analytica.” I was also quoted in articles for The Guardian and Refinery29, and was interviewed by CBC in Canada and ABC in Australia.

03.10.18 My paper co-authored with Nick Proferes (University of Kentucky), “Participant” Perceptions of Twitter Research Ethics, has been published in the journal Social Media + Society. The research also got a nice write-up in CU Today, and Boulder Daily Camera, and I was interviewed by Public News Service.

02.26.18 I participated in the Scholar Fan Salon at University of Southern California, that brought together a fantastic group of fan studies scholars to discuss the fandom and transformative civics.

02.22.18 Our SIGCSE paper led by recent PhD graduate Mike Skirpan won a Third Best Paper award!

02.21.18 I co-organized a workshop on data science ethics education that preceded the FAT* conference in NYC. It was a great event!

12.11.17 I have two papers appearing at CHI 2018: “‘We Are the Product’: Reactions to Online Data Sharing Controversies in the Media” by myself and CU Comm PhD student Blake Hallinan, and “What’s at Stake: Characterizing Risk Perceptions of Emerging Technologies” by recent PhD graduate Mike Skirpan, CS faculty Tom Yeh, and myself. Looking forward to Montreal!

12.06.17 My CSCW 2018 paper (led by PhD student Katie Gach, with myself and Jed Brubaker) has been published: “Control your emotions, Potter:” An Analysis of Grief Policing on Facebook in Response to Celebrity Death. It also received a nice write-up in CU Boulder Today.

11.17.17 I got a shout-out from Boing Boing regarding a curated list of technology ethics courses.

11.15.17  Myself and the rest of my awesome team of PIs wrote an opinion piece about academia’s role in combatting ethics and algorithmic fairness.

11.10.17  I am giving the opening keynote at the Library and Information Technology Association Forum in Denver! The talk is titled “Human and Algorithmic (Mis)Judgment: The Cases of Copyright and Credibility” [slides].

11.07.17  I was quoted in a Washington Post article about the impact of algorithms on spreading fake news.

11.02.17  I participated in the Future of Privacy Forum workshop on responsible research and privacy practices at Facebook HQ in New York.

10.24.17  I am giving a talk at the CU library as part of Open Access Week, “The Power of Open: Fueling Creativity and Innovation.”

10.23.17  CS PhD student Mike Skirpan and I authored a design fiction that will be presented at the ACM GROUP conference in January 2018. I will also be part of a research ethics town hall as part of the GROUP programming.

10.01.17  A paper I co-authored with Mike Skirpan, Nate Beard, Srinjita Bhaduri, and Tom Yeh about teaching ethics in a CS class will appear at SIGSCE 2018.

09.28.17 My work as part of the PERVADE grant was covered in local media outlets, including The Denver Post and The Daily Camera.

09.02.17  Thrilled to be part of an amazing team and a $3 million NSF grant to study pervasive data ethics for computational research!

08.15.17  I wrote a piece analyzing a recent court case on data scraping, as it relates to social computing research and terms of service.

07.12.17  I gave a talk at the DUB seminar at University of Washington: “Internet Rules: Law, Norms, and Ethics for Online Content Creation”

07.05.17  The CU Department of Information Science is featured in an issue of Interactions!

06.07.17  I blogged! “Does POTUS have to listen to you anymore than I do? Twitter blocks, free speech, and the right to be heard.”

05.07.17 I was a panelist on a number of panels at CHI 2017: policy impacts on our community, online content moderation, and SIGCHI research ethics.

04.02.17 I wrote a piece for Slate on data privacy,, and how bad ethics are good business: Companies don’t really want you to read their Terms of Service.

03.15.17 TEDxCU talk: How the Internet and Copyright Fuel Creativity (now available online!)

03.08.17 I’m the keynote speaker at the InfoSocial conference at Northwestern! My talk is titled “Internet Rules! What Makes the Internet Great and How Regulation Helps Keep it That Way.”

03.06.17 I’m doing a talk for the Computer Science department at University of Illinois-Chicago: “Regulation Beyond Code: How Rules Mediate Our Interactions with Technology and with Each Other”

03.09.17 I am a discussant for a session on civil rights and artificial intelligence for the Silicon Flatirons conference on The Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence.

02.25.17 I am doing many things at CSCW 2017! I am a co-organizer of a workshop on privacy and ethics, participating in a workshop about online comments, presenting two papers, and participating in a panel as part of the SIGCHI ethics committee.

02.24.17  I have written up some preliminary results of a survey conducted through the OTW legal committee, about copyright and fanworks.

02.11.17  I am organizing a panel and a SIG for CHI 2017 related to the current policy climate and its impact on our research community.

02.01.17 I wrote an article for Slate about my early experiences with online communities: What I Learned about the Internet from The Babysitters Club.

01.28.16 I’ll be doing a talk at TEDxCU in April!

01.17.16 Spring semester beginning at CU! I am teaching a PhD level course on information science theory and concepts.

10.17.16 I’m on a panel about Gamergate with other CMCI faculty as part of a Media Studies series, talking about online harassment.

09.10.16  I’ll be speaking on two panels this week hosted by CMCI: The American Divide: Clinton vs. Trump on Sept. 14 and Art + Ownership on Sept. 16 at Impact Hub Boulder.

09.07.16  Thrilled that I’ll be presenting two papers at CSCW2017: “What (or Who) Is Public? Privacy Settings and Social Media Content Sharing” and “Growing Their Own: Legitimate Peripheral Participation for Computational Learning in an Online Fandom Community” coming soon!

08.22.16  In Fall 2016 I am teaching a course on information ethics and policy open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

08.17.16  I was interviewed on Denver radio station KGNU about gender politics in the Olympics and the role of social media.

07.15.16   I will be organizing another social computing research ethics workshop, this time at ACM GROUP. Submissions due August 12!

06.15.16   I wrote for Slate about Game Developer Barbie and the importance of representation in computing, and was also interviewed by Mashable and appeared on Tech News Today!

05.27.16  Organized a successful workshop at ICWSM on social media research ethics – thanks to a great group of participants!

05.10.16  I presented my work on Archive of Our Own as a case study of feminist HCI at CHI 2016 [paper] [slides].

03.03.16  I am speaking at the Silicon Flatirons Content Conference on Innovation and Incentives in the Creative Arts at the University of Colorado Law School.

03.02.16  I presented my work on copyright Terms of Service for user-generated content sites at CSCW 2016 [paper] [slides].

02.09.16   Thrilled that my paper “An Archive of Their Own: A Case Study of Feminist HCI and Values in Design” (blogged here!) received a Best Paper Honorable Mention for CHI 2016!

01.27.16    I was interviewed by the neat podcast “Fansplaining” about death and online fandom communities.

01.15.16    I’ll be organizing a workshop about social media research ethics for ICWSM 2016. The deadline for submissions is February 27!

12.14.15     My paper on social norms in design, feminist HCI, and fan fiction was accepted to CHI 2016 – see you in San Jose!

11.13.15     I wrote a piece for Slate about governance (TOS and social norms) on Yik Yak: How Missouri Could Demonstrate What’s Wonderful About Yik Yak

10.19.15    Two talks this week: “The Power of Open: How Copyright Can Inspire Creativity” for Open Access Week at the CU library, and “Imagined Policies: Intellectual Property and Social Norms in Fan Communities” at the Association of Internet Researchers conference.

07.17.15     I began my faculty position at CU! To keep up with the development of our brand new Information Science department, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

07.17.15     Paper accepted to CSCW 2016 – see you in San Francisco!

06.15.15     I successfully defended my dissertation! A special thanks to my advisor Amy Bruckman, as well as committee members Annie Antón, Eric Gilbert, Cliff Lampe, and Rebecca Tushnet. (You can read it here!)

06.02.15    Thrilled to announce that I will be one of the founding faculty members of the new Department of Information Science at the University of Colorado Boulder! I will be starting as an Assistant Professor at CU in August.

03.13.15    Organized the research ethics workshop and presented my paper [slides] at CSCW 2015 in Vancouver.

01.14.15    “Understanding Copyright Law in Online Creative Communities” has been chosen as a Best Paper for CSCW 2015! And a paper co-authored with my labmate Joe Gonzales, “Towards an Appropriable CSCW Tool Ecology: Lessons from the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen,” received an Honorable Mention.

11.21.14    I did interviews for Huffington Post Live and All Things Considered, and wrote for Slate about my Barbie remix.

11.19.14    I created Barbie, Remixed to address representation of women in computer science. A lot of people liked it.

11.10.14    Attended GROUP 2014 and presented a poster with preliminary findings about social Q&A for copyright questions.

11.05.14    My team won first place for community impact in the Convergence Innovation Competition.

10.29.14   My CSCW 2015 paper is available to read.

10.08.14   Our workshop on ethics for studying sociotechnical systems and big data will be part of CSCW 2015.

8.27.14     Paper accepted for CSCW 2015 – see you in Vancouver!

7.21.14      Named a 2014 Foley Scholar award finalist.

7.07.14     Attended the CSST Summer Institute at the University of Missouri.

4.28.14     My TOS research from CHI 2014 was featured in The New York Times.

4.26.14     Attended CHI 2014 in Toronto.

2.16.14     Attended CSCW 2014 in Baltimore, participating in the Doctoral Colloquium (on my birthday!) and presenting my paper on fair use in remix communities.

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