Fall 2016: INFO 4601/5601 Ethical Dimensions of Information, Technology, and New Media

This course explores the ethical and legal complexities of information and communication technology. By combining real-world inquiry with creative speculation, students will probe everyday ethical dilemmas they face as digital consumers, creators, and coders, as well as relevant policy. Students explore themes such as privacy, intellectual property, social justice, free speech, artificial intelligence, and social media. Student work will be both writing and project-based, and the coursework will draw heavily from real world controversies, current events, and science fiction. This information ethics and policy course is open to both graduate and undergraduate students, and is designed to be interdisciplinary, drawing from computer science, media and communication, and law.

Spring 2016: INFO 4601 Theories and Concepts in Information Science

This course surveys foundational theories and concepts in Information Science. Students will learn to read and reflect critically about seminal texts, tracing their intellectual genealogies from a variety of originating disciplines to their appropriation by Information Science. Students will apply these theories to contemporary issues and problems.

In the future I will likely be teaching social computing and online communities courses as well. Stay tuned!

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