Remix This Talk

This page was written (and not updated since) my job search in 2014!

If you’ve seen me do a talk recently, here are pointers to some of the things I likely mentioned. Also (though no one has taken me up on this yet!), if you would actually like to remix this talk, here it is. It is licensed under CC-BY; if you use it for something, please link back to this page as appropriate.

Media mentioned:

Buffy vs Edward (along with the story of its removal from YouTube)

Barbie Remix (along with a fair use analysis)

YouTube Copyright School


Archive of Our Own

Papers about my copyright research (available on my publications page):

Fiesler, C., & Bruckman, A. (2014). Remixers’ Understandings of Fair Use Online. In Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing. Baltimore, MY.

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Fiesler, C., Feuston, J., & Bruckman, A. S. (2014). “I Am Not a Lawyer:” Copyright Q&A in Online Creative Communities. In GROUP ’14: Proceedings of the ACM 2014 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Extended Abstracts. Sanibel Island, FL.

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Fiesler, C. (2008). Everything I Need To Know I Learned from Fandom: How Existing Social Norms Can Help Shape the Next Generation of User-Generated Content. Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law, 10(3), 729–762.

Other work cited in my talk:

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