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Remixers’ Understandings of Fair Use Online (CSCW 2014)

In honor of Fair Use Week, I thought I would finally throw up a post about the only not-yet-blogged-about paper that became part of my dissertation. This paper covers the exploratory interview study (conducted in 2011) that informed the rest of my PhD work on copyright and online communities. (If you’d like to see the […]

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An Archive of Their Own: A Case Study of Feminist HCI and Values in Design (CHI 2016)

[Straight to a link to the full paper] [Video of CHI presentation [Slide deck from CHI presentation] For years, I’ve been bringing up the fan fiction siteĀ Archive of Our Own (AO3) to folks in the HCI community, as a cool example of two things: (1) an amazingly successful open source project designed and built mostly […]

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#Serial: Fandom Community Meets Armchair Law

In the couple of days leading up to the finale of Serial, the new NPR podcast that has gone viral in a “not this many people actually listen to NPR” kind of way, I spent some time reading the subreddit devoted to the show. I study social computing, fandom communities, and law, and suddenly these […]

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