Monthly Archives: October 2014

Understanding Copyright Law in Online Creative Communities (CSCW 2015)

Update: This paper was chosen as a Best Paper at CSCW 2015. You can download the paper here as well as the slides from my presentation here. Copyright is a difficult area of the law, but now with so many of us creating content online, it actually matters for normal people and not just lawyers […]

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LinkedIn Terms of Service: From one of the worst to one of the best

In the past year, I’ve been picking on LinkedIn a bit for the copyright licensing requirements in their Terms of Service. When talking about my work I routinely throw up a slide with this block of text as a visual demonstration of how unreadable TOS can be, and then explain worst case scenarios of what […]

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ACM Publication & Copyright

Last year, ACM changed its copyright model to offer three different options for authors publishing ACM papers: (1) a non-exclusive license to ACM that requires an “open access” fee; (2) a license granting ACM exclusive publishing rights; and (3) a copyright transfer to ACM. Previously, the third option was the only one available to authors, […]

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